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Renew your Certification

The status as a Cisco Registered or Cisco Select Partner is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually. Below you will find a step-by-step process to renew your certification.

Renew your Registered Certification

a. The only step you have to take is read Cisco’s Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA)

b. And click-to-accept, you can do this by login in to Cisco’s Partner Registration Tool


Renew your Select Certification

Renew Select Certification step by step;

1. 90 days prior to the anniversary date, the status in CSAPP changes to Re-Cert mode

2. 90,60 and 30-day renewal reminder notices are sent to your company’s partner administrator contact.

3. If you still have all the original job roles fulfilled and these individuals still remain within your company, you simply have to re-apply online. No further exams or training are required. However, if an employee who originally passed the SMB specialisation exams has left your company, the missing job role(s) must be fulfilled before the SMB Specialisation and Select Certification can be submitted for renewal

4. Ensure that you have read ICPA (Indirect Channel Partner Agreement)

5. And login to CSApp to click-to-accept ICPA and submit the re-certification

6. If you meet the Select Certification requirements, re-certification is auto-approved. This will be confirmed by email.


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