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Become a Cisco Select Partner

Become Select

Cisco Select Certification has changed! Now it  recognizes and rewardsyou that you have achieved the Cisco Small Business Specialization. Select reflects a your  technological and business expertise specific to small and medium-sized businesses (fewer than 250 employees).

The new Cisco Small Business Foundation Specialization and the refreshed, widely adopted, Cisco Small Business Specialization make up the new Small Business Specialization Suite and you will also be given the option to customize them to your specific business model. Both specializations can be used to achieve Select Certification.


Select Partner Benefits

With this entry-level certification, Select Certified Partners benefit from an increased level of support from Cisco, including:



Certification and specialization are based on meeting all requirements within a given country, or country grouping where relevant. All applicants must agree to the Cisco Channel Partner Program terms and conditions. To start the process:

Select Certification Requirements Basic Requirements

Specialization Requirements
Small Business Specialization

Helps increase your competitive advantage through understanding of and access to Cisco Small Business offerings.

SMB Specialization Requirements

Two roles are required for the Small Business Specialization:

  • Account manager - SMB Solutions for Account Managers (650-177)
  • Engineer - SMB Solutions for Account Managers (650-179)

Small Business Foundation Specialization:  

Focuses on your ability to sell, design, and deploy proven Cisco solutions to small businesses. Designed as a parallel option, to the current Cisco Small Business Specialization, the Foundation Specialization does not require any additional training or business focus in collaboration and unified communications solutions. The Cisco Small Business Foundation Specialization may also be used to meet the requirements for the Cisco Select Certification. 

SMB Foundation Specialization Requirements

Two roles are required for the Small Business Foundation Specialization:

  • Account manager - SBF for Account Managers (650-256)
  • Engineer - SBF for Engineers (650-395)

These roles provide a roadmap with training content and exams that are tailored to pertinent jobs within a company. Following is a summary of training format, cost, and duration specifically for each role, as well as additional general training requirements. All costs are estimated and may vary by region.


How to Apply

Your company must be a Cisco Registered Partner before you apply for specialization or certification. Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Visit the "Become a Registered Partner" page if you are new to the Cisco Channel Partner Program and have not registered.
  2. Verify that the certified individuals fulfilling job roles are allocated to your company with their CSCO testing number. Partner Administrators and internal Cisco employees (associated through the CAM Assignment tool) are able to verify this information using the Partner Self Service tool . (It takes five to ten business days on average for Cisco to receive the exam results data from its respective testing agencies.)
  3. Complete and submit the Specialization application.
    If you encounter any issues in the application or renewal process, please open a case with the Partner Relationship Team.


Need to renew your specialization?

To renew a specialization:

  1. Begin the recertification process 90 days before your anniversary date.
  2. Verify that you are in compliance with the current specialization requirements.
  3. Submit your application using the Certification and Specialization Application online web tool.

You must meet all requirements to submit your application. If you encounter any issues in the application or renewal process, open a case with the Cisco Partner Relationship Team.

If you fail to submit a recertification application within 30 days after your anniversary date, you will lose your specialization.

Note: If a partner does not remain in compliance with the applicable specialization or certification requirements, Cisco reserves the right to revoke the specialization or certification at any time. Partners must notify Cisco of its non-compliance promptly, but in no event more than thirty (30) days after partner fi rst becomes aware of its non-compliance. Upon receipt of such notice, partner may qualify for an extension of time in which to renew its compliance with the applicable specialization or certification requirements. Partner's failure to provide such notice may disqualify partner from receiving such an extension. If no extension is granted or if partner fails to comply with the certification or specialization requirements by the end of the extension period, Cisco reserves the right to revoke the applicable specialization or certification immediately. Additional information regarding non-compliance may be found in the Audit and Policies Document.

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