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Physical Infrastructure Optimisation for the Data Centre

The data centre is a mission-critical facility. As data centre consolidation, server virtualization, and private cloud initiatives intensify, continuing a silo-based approach to designing, deploying, and managing the physical infrastructure is becoming a costly and time consuming process.  While these architectures are elevating enterprises to new heights of agility, flexibility and efficiency in IT manageability, success in achieving these benefits relies on critical infrastructure considerations. Not only must the physical infrastructure be able to support the requirements of the data centre, it must perfectly align to the logical network design.


Panduit understands these challenges

Panduit draws upon a deep expertise in providing world-class data centre solutions and designs based on industry best practices and together with Comstor offer a combination of services, software, and products that result in optimised physical infrastructures.


Together with Comstor Panduit can provide a comprehensive, intelligent data centre offering that supports best practice methodologies. Our data centre solutions enable physical to logical architecture integration, and deliver robust, scalable physical infrastructures that address:

  • Visibility and control for managing and automating real-time data processes and documentation
  • Convergence of new technologies and high-speed data applications
  • Operational efficiency through process improvement and IT initiatives
  • Capacity management for greater real estate utilization
  • Modular pods designed to support high-density applications




Faster Implementation, Simple Specification

Panduit and Cisco have created a data centre solution that integrates the physical infrastructure systems needed in an optimized data centre deployment. Through Comstor Panduit Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures arrive at partner or end user sites ready to be deployed, reducing the time required for planning, designing, procurement, and installation, as well as the cost of operations.


Comstor can provide the full Panduit product portfolio  and Panduit Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures for Nexus 7009, 7010, Cisco UCS, and Catalyst 6509 platforms that increase business agility through high-performance, flexible, scalable and reliable data centre design, incorporating:

  • Network design best practices
  • Physical layer infrastructure best practices
  • Power, cooling, and space considerations
  • Data centre standards


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Sandrine Lantonnat

Sales Manager